Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Silver Jews - Dime Map of the Reef (1992)

Here is something for the hard listening fans of our favorite band. I normally don't post noisy lo-fi records, because I generally don't have the patience to sift through the feedback to discover the sedimentary layers of of quality. Since this is an offering that is out of print and hard to purchase, I will offer it up for those who are interested to hear the evolution from early Berman/Malkmus efforts to the highly produced and veteran styles they've established. For any Jews or Pavement fan, this will be a great educational listen. The lyrical brilliance is there, but it is clouded in the dank of a juvenile basement party laiden with shitty beer and a handheld tape recorder. It is the kind of party that an elderly neighbor may curse because of the confusion it causes. You can almost hear the utterly stupefied grumblings of disbelief: "What happened to the world?" or "When I was young...", "Damn kids these days...". Though, to a fan "Dime Map..." emotes a longing to be part of that moment; to wish that upon emerging from that basement your shoes would make the sticky sound as you walked across the kitchen linoleum to back door and out into the cool mosquito world of summer Virginia 1992, and then, home to fall asleep on your pillow- filthy, beat and satisfied. Dig it.


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