Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Electrelane - No Shouts, No Calls (2007)

When it's dreary, or when it seems that the morning isn't leading to a bright-sunshining-day, I put this rock record on and start to dance in my undies. The neighbors don't mind that Electrelane is rattling the 9:00am walls, because the grooves are sexy and the vocals have that British aristocracy. These ladies have been posted before on BobbyFive, and it is no coincidence that they've made another showing. Electrelane makes albums that are full antique rock sounds (showcasing a vintage organ) smoothed out by modern production. The result is dusty delight that gets you moving while never ceasing to brighten your day. Good Morning Rock.


1 comment:

Jonny said...

Rocking this right now.
....and probably as you read this. Which, later, will be now.

All we have is now.

Prove it.