Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (2008)

This is real American Hip Hop. The Midwest has neurosis and they aren't granted the traditional suppression that allows so many to live in denial. The themes display Slug's (Atmosphere MC) conscious observations of an increasingly polarizing culture; one which has lost confidence in its own goals and meaning. Slug is a notorious storyteller. The emotive and passionate delivery mixed with compelling intellect and rhyme scheme requires the listener be involved immediately. It is true Slug wears his emotion on the sleeve, though "When Life Gives You Lemons..." (Atmosphere's fifth LP) is less aggressively delivered than on other releases. The lyrics are more prescriptive and investigative rather than attacking. The beats are well constructed, and we even hear a guitar ballad? on one track- "Guarantee". The stories told on the record are analytical and telling of a culture lost trying to discover its own identity. Educate and relate.


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Devin said...

Hey man,
Sorry i haven't made contact earlier. Also, this has nothing to do with the atmosphere album....but I listened the shit out of the electrelane and cool keith discs. Superb....I'll try to leave a mixtape for you at the bikeshop.