Thursday, May 29, 2008

J Dilla - Donuts (2006)

J Dilla (Jay Dee) has been referred to as "Your favorite producer's favorite producer." This is his last album. It was released on his 32nd birthday, just three days before his untimely death from a rare blood disease. Parts of this album were made from Jay Dee's hospital bed, yet it is fiercely positive.

Donuts is a collection of 31 short tracks. The result is an album that thumps, bumps, grooves, gnashes, flares, and most of all, excites. If you can keep your pants on while this beat feast is served, hats are off. There is joy in this album throughout, and one can't help but feel that J Dilla loved life. Shouts to J Dilla wherever his soul is shining.

This album is a must have for any fan of music.


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