Monday, May 5, 2008

Califone - Roots and Crowns (2006)

Califone is a Chicago based blues/folk/antique?/rock/alt-country band formed from the collapse of Chicago mainstay Red Red Meat. This is the latest offering from '06. One could feel some older Wilco likeness if he/she so chose. There are certain themes that resemble Wilco. However, the folk undertones and alt-country style of the blues/jazz instrumentals have a distinct quality coming from Califone. The production on Roots and Crowns reflects the veteran musicians' talent and experience. There are many instruments on the album, giving it an exceptional timelessness and freshness, yet at the same time, the banjos, violins, horns and stripped down folkiness lend an ear to another time. This record, like the previous post: Built to Spill, validates America's place in rock. Additionally, the record never bores due to its varied song structure and shifting instrumentals. Dig it.


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