Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - Tiny Cities (2005)

This is a truly special album. Mark Kozelek decided to play Modest Mouse songs on his sophomore effort with Sun Kil Moon. The result is a presentation of older MM favorites which is relieving for fans. However, more relief comes in Kozelek's scope of MM's material. His ability to take Isaac Brock's talent with the pun, and all other things English, and present them in a more intimate way than MM, deserves gratitude. This is an acoustic record. It plays like a requiem and less like an angsty loose garage rock album; ie... Modest Mouse's The Moon and Antarctica, and The Lonesome Crowded West.
Despite Tiny Cities being an acoustic album, the force of Kozelek's voice and the passion in Brock's lyrical world view encourage some rocking and fist pumping. Buckle up.


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