Friday, March 21, 2008

Menomena - Friend and Foe (2007)

This album has gained some acclaim since its release last year. However, acclaim is not enough. There are few albums that punch you in the gut repeatedly and fill your steps with adrenaline. This is a push through all obstacles in your path; a sensation that you have a purpose greater than your environment. Unique indeed. The thundering drums and shifting instrumentals on Friend and Foe encourage you to keep moving. Yet, the instrumentals are not the only force on this record. The lyrics speak of conflict, interpersonal frustrations, and our innate inability to communicate with our fellow men. The lyrics have unique certainty and a tangible depth that can be read as metaphor or literal reference. Heavy, but not demanding. It is not the kind of album that requires concentration to enjoy. It will paint the walls of an empty room while your idle day struggles to drag the hands of the clock. Though it has the ability to combat boredom without the listener's effort, it is an album that has been intricately layered and organized to allow complete immersion if the listener so desires. There is something uncanny about the amount of energy stored in this album. It is a jolt to your core. Incredibly empowering. This all may seem like exaggerated flattery, but my intent is to translate my love for this record. It is definitely my favorite of 2007, easily overshadowing so many 'big' releases we saw last year. Turn off the lights, put on your headphones and let this grand recital control you mind for 12 well composed cuts.


Check the music video for the song "Evil Bee" featured on this record. It is tres chic.

Music Video

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