Friday, April 25, 2008

The D0d0$ - Vi$iter (2008)

Wow, When two guys can create the sound of a full band, and keep it rocking through 14 tracks, you gotta give props. This duo is a Frisco based band with the intent to rock hard. But, don't be intimidated, because the primary instruments are an acoustic guitar and a thundering drum kit- which is similar to a normal kit, but it hit a turbo pack somewhere along the way- wink wink Stepan Troflimovich Verkohvensky.

This is my favorite album of '08 so far. It is easy to love, immediately magnetic, and sincere the whole way. The lyrics are meaningful, the vocals shared and boyishly innocent; and gravity never had to work so hard to keep these guys from blasting-off to outer space. It is as exciting as a game of "Hot Potatoes". Really, if you've ever played, you know; It's really exciting. Hold on as long as you can...

Link Part 1
Link Part 2

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