Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silver Jews - American Water

In honor of the blog title, the first post is....

Silver Jews:

Stephen Malkmus and David Berman are the heads of this musical chimera. It will breathe fire and you will cower. Remain steadfast and the monster's blazing breath will transform into a hammock of jello and sex fantasy.

On a serious note, If you don't have this record, it is one of the pillars supporting the pedestal we esteem modern rock to rest upon. Listen to it fifty times. Berman is a remarkable poet and satirist. He redefines the traditional song writing approach to include his boisterous irony and laughable wit. "I met a puppy who walked from Kentucky. He made it to East Virginia by dawn..."



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FrostKing said...

This album is amazingly excellent - easily my all-time favorite.